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Landlord Tenant Law

Attorney Cara L. Galbavi has developed a specialization in landlord tenant law, representing and counseling individual landlords and large apartment and community complexes throughout West Michigan,  including: Ottawa County, Muskegon County, Kent County, Newaygo County, Allegan County, and Ionia County.

Attorney Galbavi is familiar not only with the State laws concerning landlord’s rights and remedies to regain possession of their property from problem tenants and collect money damages for past due rent and property damages and breach of contract, but is also familiar with the nuances which exist from county to county where: judges differ in what late fees are permitted, Courts vary scheduling hearings from the date of filing, and what the Courts will permit above mere rent due on a summary proceeding judgment.

Attorney Cara Galbavi works with rental property owners, landlords, and property managers in:

  • Creating leases particular to clients’ specific rental situation, and proper inventory checklists in order to be proactive in protecting their property interests against property damage;
  • Serving 7-Day and 30-Day Notices to Quit and Demands for Possession Due to Nonpayment on tenant s who fail to pay rent when due, cause property damage, hold over after the termination of their lease, or otherwise breach their lease agreement;
  • Filing and serving Summary Proceeding Complaints seeking possession through eviction and money judgments for rent, utilities, property damages, etc.;
  • Working out payment arrangements with tenants where appropriate and in the best interest of my clients;
  • Proceeding with Writs of Eviction against tenants who fail to vacate the property or pay the summary proceeding judgment amounts when due and working with Court Officers in serving said eviction orders; and
  • Initiating further legal action and lawsuits for property damage and breach of contract where needed to protect my clients interest in reclaiming their property, or money rightfully owed to them by problem tenants, including collection and execution of said judgments.

Landlords with multiple units and corporate apartment complex owners receive a discount fee schedule for multiple filings.  Contact Attorney Galbavi for more details.

Landlords and vendors often face problems including tenants’ nonpayment of rent or other monies due, tenants’ refusal to vacate the premises after a termination of tenancy, the destruction of property, and illegal activities conducted by tenants. Attorney Galbavi assists those landlord and vendor clients in removing the problem tenants and vendees quickly to protect their property and to seek compensation for any property damages.

Attorney Galbavi works with her landlord clients in developing lease agreements and related documents, such as inventory checklists and security deposit documentation, to prevent many of these issues from occurring, and to ensure that her clients are fully protected should litigation be necessary.

Landlord tenant litigation, known as Summary Proceedings in Michigan, can include disputes concerning a Tenant’s:

  • Nonpayment of Rent
  • Holding Over after Lease Expiration
  • Breach of Lease Agreement
  • Trespass
  • Illegal Activity
  • Drug Use
  • Property Damage
  • Health Hazard