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Estate Planning

Regardless of family structure, income level or assets, everyone in West Michigan needs an estate plan. In fact, one is already in place for you. It just happens to be the one the State mandates for you.

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Business Law

Get specialized expertise and experience for the entire business lifecycle, from initial entity selection and business formation, sales and mergers, and final dissolution and winding up.

 Planning. To Preserve and Protect Your Assets.



Located in Grand Haven, Michigan, and serving individuals and businesses throughout West Michigan, including: Spring Lake Attorney, Holland Attorney, Muskegon Attorney, and Grand Rapids Attorney, the Grand Haven law office of Cara Galbavi Law, is a focused law firm focused on estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, trust administration, real estate, business, internet law, and personal and business succession planning.

About Cara Galbavi

Protect Your Family and Business

How will your loved ones be taken care of after you are gone?  What will happen to your business interests and assets after you die?  Who will speak for you if you are unable to communicate for yourself?  Who will raise your children?  Who will receive your estate assets, and when?  Your needs and wishes are specific to you, and your estate plan should be specifically tailored to make sure they are carried out.

Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration

Business Formation

Have you started a new business or purchased an existing one? Have you been told to form an LLC, but are confused as to what that actually means. There are legal “pros and cons” for each different business entity type: sole-proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. The business entity type appropriate for you is dependent on your specific situation and short and long-terms plans for your business.

Business Law